Thursday, February 21, 2008


Now Lindsey Lohan is not exactly the most talented actress, singer, or person, but she is sexy and she did pose nude in the New York magazine (i think it is). Anyways...well thats it, pretty cool and the fact that it is based off of Marylin Monroe's photo shoot is also cool.

Obama is it

So i might of committed a few felony's on Feb . 5 th when i voted in the San Francisco primary, but enough about that. The important thing is i have decided to back Obama, mostly because i think Hilary comes off as a bitch and i believe that she is the benign candidate and won't really get anything done. What she does have going for her is Bill, but then again some of the things Bill did i don't agree with, and its not the Monica issue. So i've decided to go for Barack Obama for president and you should too. Or don't, i really don't care, the problems in this country take up a large list, and the most poignant one is getting past the last 50 years and getting ready for the next 50.